What is UK Snow Map?

UK Snow Map collects tweets tagged with #uksnow and plots them on a map to create a real-time crowd-sourced visualisation of where it is currently snowing in the UK.

How do I add my tweet to the map?

Follow these 3 steps:

Why isn’t my tweet showing up?

It can sometimes take a few minutes for tweets to filter through, but if your reports aren’t showing up, read on.

If you’ve followed the above guide on how to add tweets to the map, the next thing to check is whether your account is set to private – if it is, then your tweets won’t be shown on the map.

What do the x/10 numbers mean?

The app looks for a number out of 10 as a rough estimate of how heavy it is snowing.

Do I need to follow @uksnowmap for my tweets to appear?

No – but please do!